Preprints by preLighters: Sonisilpa Mohapatra

9th May 2022

To accompany our interview with preLighter Soni Mohaptra, we spoke with her about her recent preprint describing InterSpy, a new synthetic biology tool. Engineering functional membrane-membrane interface by InterSpy Hossein Moghimianavval, Chintan Patel, Sonisilpa Mohapatra, Sung-Won Hwang, Tunc Kayikcioglu, Yashar Bashirzadeh, Allen P. Liu, Taekjip Ha bioRxiv (2022) Could you tell us the main findings of your preprint? In this preprint, we have introduced a novel[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Victoria Alonso

8th April 2022

Victoria Alonso is a researcher at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. She recently published a preprint describing the use of Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy in Trypanosoma cruzi, so we caught up with her to ask her about the study and why she chose to preprint it. Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy (U-ExM) in Trypanosoma cruzi: localization of tubulin isoforms and isotypes[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Teresa Rayon

20th April 2021

Teresa Rayon is a postdoctoral researcher in James Briscoe’s lab at the Francis Crick Institute in London, where her research focuses on stem cells and embryonic mammalian development. She has been a preLighter since the very beginning of preLights and has written a number of preprint highlights during that time. Teresa recently posted a preprint[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Pablo Ranea-Robles

25th March 2021

巴勃罗Ranea-Robles博士后Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, where he investigates lipid metabolism inside the cell. He has been a preLighter since the beginning of 2019, and has highlighted a number of preprints covering various aspects of metabolism. Pablo recently posted a preprint from his postdoc, so[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Mariana De Niz

22nd March 2021

Mariana De Niz is our most active preLighter; she’s written an incredible 100(!) preLight posts and has participated in various other projects around preprints and preLights. Last year we caught up with Mariana to learn more about her scientific journey (read the interview). Mariana recently posted her own work on bioRxiv: Organotypic endothelial adhesion molecules are[…]

Preprints by preLighters: Clarice Hong

16th March 2021

Clarice Hong is a graduate student in Barak Cohen’s lab at Washington University in St Louis, where she studies how cis-regulatory sequences work together to control gene expression. She has been an active preLighter since mid-2018, and has written ten preprint highlights so far covering various aspects of gene regulation. Clarice recently posted her first preprint from[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Pavithran Ravindran

18th January 2021

Pavithran Ravindran has been a part of the preLights team for two years, and has highlighted many interesting preprints in synthetic biology and beyond (for a full list click here). In fact, in 2019 one of his highlights became our most-read post of the year. Pav was recently first author on a preprint so we[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Tessa Sinnige

15th September 2020

Tessa Sinnige has been part of the preLights team for nearly two years and has highlighted a number of preprints related to protein aggregation (her main research focus), but also studies on other topics such as academic research culture (you can read all her preLights here). Following the ‘Meet the preLighters’ interview last year, we asked[…]